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Bike Shoes - All Out Brawl

I have been testing the Peal Izumi X-Alp Summits and the Giro Carbide R II's. They are both designed for clip-in mountain bikers (or clipless if you prefer). There are many clip-in shoes designed for road cycling but if you use roadie shoes on a mountain bike trail there is a good chance you will die! Roadie shoes have zero traction and are so slippery. If you had to walk a section of a MTB trail the over/under on the number of falls you would have would be around 40! So these shoes are designed to be strong and stiff while pedaling and able to handle walking portions of the trail or through the parking lot with ease.

The Giro shoes had some good positives. The Giro shoes were stiff and strong while pedaling. They offer great support during trail riding conditions. They do a great job of transferring pedal power. However, the insole was very thin and became uncomfortable on any ride longer than 5 miles.

The Pearl Izumi's are a great option for a rider looking for a versatile MTB shoe. I feel like I could wear the Pearl Izumi's around all day. They are very comfortable. The BOA shoelace dials are really convenient too. They have significant rubber sole clearance so that the cleat doesn't scape the ground as you walk. They have a comfortable relaxed fit without sacrificing on-the-bike capability.

In this all out brawl the Pearl Izumi X-Alp Summits won hands down. They were the most comfortable and versatile shoe. While both of these offer great support during trail riding and both transfer pedal power very well for my money I would choose the Pearl Izumi's. their comfort, versatility and stiff support while pedaling win out, and the shoelace BOA dials are a nice touch. WINNER: Peal Izumi X-Alp Summits

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