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How I divide bikes into Good, Better & Best...

I recently launched my website I have had a few people ask me to explain how I divide the bikes and other accessories into their categories. So I will attempt to explain this. Since it is not fair to compare a $5k bike with a $2k bike or a $300 pedal with a $50 pedal, I split each category into good, better and best.

For the most part the bikes are divided into under $2,000, $2,000 - $5,000 and $5,000+. The accessories like, helmets, and pedals or shorts and jerseys are divided into entry level, quality mid-grade and high end. Clicking the "More Info" button by each product takes you to the manufactures site. There you will find every detail you need to make a purchasing decision.

My website is new and at this point I am not able to test out each product. My intentions are to be able to personally test each product before I post it on my list. I have however owned or demo'd many of the bikes and products that I recommended here. I plan to update my lists regularly. I will be adding categories of gloves, socks and grips soon. It would be great to hear from you guys. What products or bikes do you recommend for each category? What do you think about my selections? What do you agree with? What did I get wrong? Let me know by contacting me by email or through the website

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