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My Review of a Decathlon Backpack

If you have not been introduced to Decathlon products you are missing out.  Decathlon is a French company that is very big in Europe (so I'm told).  Just this year they launched a stateside store and now have an America-specific website.  The Decathlon products I have purchased have all been great quality.  The biggest surprise is that they are almost always 50+ percent cheaper than name-brand products.  I put this to the test when I just purchased a Quecha 27L Helium backpack for $40.  This pack is designed for hiking but I thought I would give it a try for my MTB rides.

The first thing I noticed is the size of the pack, it is big!  The 27L size might be larger than some like to ride with but there is a 17L size for $45 (go figure).  The pack is high quality and comes with a water bladder.  It has belt strap pockets for sunglasses or a (smaller) phone.  It has a large center pouch and a quick access outer zipper pocket.  It even comes with a waterproof cover that snaps onto the bag to protect your stuff on those rain-soaked rides.  It has been a very stable pack during rides.

This pack is not perfect.  It does not have a ventilation back and it does not have a spot to attach a helmet.  High-end backpacks like the Osprey Raptor packs or the Henty Enduro packs are still better overall.  However, if you just want a good pack and don't want to pay over $100 give the Quecha backpacks a try!  See more at

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